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I made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just found out that there is no KoAloha (our sponsor)’s logo
at Thailand International Ukulele Festival on the passed weekend.

KoAloha ukulele supports my festival greatly, but I let them down big time

because of my stupidity. I didn’t notice about this until a moment ago.
My staffs also didn’t see this mistake. I can’t believe that this kind of thing
would be possible, but it has happened.

I would like to responsible for everything and apologize to KoAloha Ukulele.
I would do anything to make this right. I am so stupid and there is no excuse.

Asada Atornphatai


JazzomCafe performing at the Thailand Ukulele Festival 2013


Note The Stars is coming back to Thailand International Ukulele Festival for an authograph session.


Good news! Our Malaysian friends are joining us at the festival!